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Highway Services

Highway Services

For sea, rail, and air freight, we collect your products from your address and deliver them to the specified railroad terminal. You can use Shipeedy’s services for domestic FTL deliveries in Turkey.

Intermodal Transport

Shipeedy's intermodal options benefit from the price and transit time advantage of two or more modes of transportation to provide an optimum opportunity to our clients while protecting nature thanks to preferring environmentally friendly modes with a low carbon footprint over road freight.

Multimodal Transport

Our expert team closely follows the breakthroughs in the logistics sector across the world and produces logistics solutions by combining different transport modes so that your load is delivered via the most optimal methods. Multimodal transport offers the best price and shortest transit times for your loads.

Transportations for Individual Projects

Maybe, your project has different needs than our standard offerings. Contact us to get special solutions for your projects by filling out the form below.

Shipeedy's team has successful operational experience in logistics for special projects. Our platform can offer comprehensive logistics services anywhere across the world.

Taking the needs of the project into consideration, Shipeedy can organize international logistics of all kinds of materials by combining different modes on the road, rail, sea, river, and air routes regardless of the weight or volume of your load.

Our well-trained team provides main logistics services without interrupting the workflow as well as auxiliary assistance such as transportation of materials, warehousing, customs procedures, crane services, and on-site placement.

Our department for the special project can organize logistics operations for plenty of different products in heavy industries such as construction equipment, large pipes, construction hardware, generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, cranes, heaters, press machines, locomotives, concrete, and asphalt plants, boats. Our operations in your special needs can transport any goods that are bulks, bagged, packaged, and palletized such as iron ore, grain, reinforcing bars, and cement, as well. Our teams also organize their pre-transportation, storage, port operations, and maritime transport. Combined project transport services for large-volume cargo that cannot be containerized.

Need-oriented service.

Professional team.

Continuous process management.

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