Customs Duty Calculation

One of the types of taxes that companies that earn money through import and export transactions are obliged to pay is the customs tax. It covers companies engaged in the import and export of goods from Turkey to abroad. These companies are required to add customs duty to their expense item calculations in order to protect their profits. It is paid by legal entities interested in overseas trade. In addition, you must also pay customs duty when you want to bring products from abroad for personal purposes. Customs duty is levied by the country to which the product and service is going. Products coming from outside the country are also subject to tax. This situation also means tax liability for individuals. You may encounter more than one type in customs tax calculation transactions.

- During the calculation of customs duty, companies must take into account the market prices of the goods to be imported and exported, insurance costs, transportation costs and other tax options. At the same time, tax is charged for products whose value exceeds the 1500 Euro limit. It is possible to say that there are some situations where tax calculation is necessary.

- In order to understand the value of the goods, documents such as invoices are provided to the customs authorities. If invoices are not provided, the customs administration conducts an examination. As a result of the examination, the relevant price is determined.

- Items under 1500 Euros must not be suitable for commercial purposes in order not to receive products from taxes. At the same time, it is expected that the amount of product brought in is incompatible with trade. Products with a large quantity are subject to tax even if they are worth more than 1500 Euros.

- For products brought by ship, truck and similar means of transportation, tax is applied regardless of the value.

- If the passenger has more than 30 kilograms of goods on his/her person, he/she is subject to tax regardless of the price. In addition, at this point, the person should not be in diplomatic class.

What is Customs Duty Calculated According to?

Customs value is taken into consideration during customs duty calculation procedures. In addition, additional payments are made depending on the articles in the Customs Law. It is also known that detailed information about exempt payments is also provided. Based on this information, a total fee is determined. To give an example, there are many details to be considered during the purchase of 100.00 dollars worth of cargo to be imported to Turkey. How the products will be delivered, insurance, freight cost, packaging cost, customs data and purchase commission are among the points to be considered.

It is known to be seen as an additional cost in overseas customs tax calculation processes. Therefore, the tax to be paid by companies engaged in trade and import transactions is calculated. It is important to make purchases as a result of these calculations. In the first stage, the tax base is calculated over the CIF price of the goods to be imported. The CIF price is calculated based on the market, transportation and insurance costs of the product. Customs tax calculation 2023 studies are also supported by this formula. Of course, it is also possible that extra costs may arise during the transportation of goods across the border.

CIF price is determined during export customs duty calculation procedures. One of the points to be considered at this stage is to know the price of the product. The equivalent of the total price of the goods in TL, the freight cost and the total insurance cost are added together. Using this formula, you will learn the CIF value. If the product in question is below 1500 Euro, then the CIF value is multiplied by the price of the goods. In this way, export tax calculation is made. For goods above this value, the current tax rates should be taken as a basis.


How Much is the 2023 Customs Duty?   


Customs duty rates are published as a list every year. Within these calculations, details such as which country the product comes from and what type it is are important. Tax rates are also taken at different rates depending on this situation. If the value of the item in question does not exceed 1500 Euros, then fixed taxes are applied. It is also known that fixed taxes are applied for products purchased for personal use. Within the 2023 customs duty details, it is known that printed publication items have a 0% tax value. In other words, no data fee is charged for items such as books. A 30% tax is applied for products coming from the United States of America. Information about the details is also included in the decisions published in the Official Gazette by the Ministry of Trade. The tax rates determined for products and goods are learned in this way.

Is Cargo Fee Included in Customs Tax?

One of the curious topics is whether the cargo fee is taken into account in the overseas customs tax calculation process. Cargo fee is not taken into account during the taxation of goods brought by mail and cargo. At the same time, all shipments sent by the sender on behalf of a recipient in Turkey are handled as a whole. In this way, the value of all products is calculated together.

What happens if the customs duty is not paid? 

If the finalized customs duties are not paid within the specified period, then a delay increase is applied. The delay increase is applied from the due date of the receivables until the date they are collected. For the period from the unpaid amount until the end of the due date, an increase of 4% is applied to each month. Payment of customs duty is known as a legal obligation. It is also possible that extra penalties may arise in case of non-payment of taxes. In commercial customs tax calculation processes, it is among the important issues to base the delay increase for unpaid taxes. All these transactions made during the process are also implemented according to the provisions of Law No. 6183.