Guide for Exports and Imports Between Türkiye and India

India, whose economy grew by 8.7% in 2021, has been identified as one of the target markets for 2023 by the Ministry of Trade. The growth in trade volume with Türkiye reached its highest level in 2021. In our guide that we have prepared for you, we have answered the questions of businesses which intend to import and export with India such as "What are the ways to import from and export to India?", "What should be considered when shipping/receiving products from/to India?", "Which transportation methods can be used when trading with India?".

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Geographical Location of India

India is a South Asian country bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south, Pakistan to the west, China, Bhutan and Nepal to the north, and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. It is the seventh largest state in the world by area and the second largest by population. In the southern and central parts of India, where the monsoon climate prevails, there are plateaus in the south and central parts, deserts in the west and the Himalayan Mountains in the north.

With an estimated population of 1.39 billion people in 2021, India is not a country rich in terms of natural resources. In this context, it meets its needs such as oil and gas by importing them. 

What Does India Export the Most? 

Some of the products that India exports to many countries around the world are as follows:

  • Mineral fuels, oils, distillates
  • Pearls, precious stones, metals, coins
  • Machines, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Iron and steel 
  • Organic chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Vehicles other than railways, trams

What Does India Import the Most?

India's most imported products are listed as follows: 

  • Mineral fuels, oils, distillates
  • Pearls, precious stones, metals, coins
  • Electronic devices
  • Machines, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Organic chemicals
  • Plastic products
  • Animal, vegetable fats and oils

What Does India Buy Most from Türkiye? 

You can examine the products that India imports the most from Türkiye below: 

  • Mineral fuels, oils, distillates
  • Machines, nuclear reactors, boilers 
  • Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compounds, isotope 
  • Salt, sulfur, earth, stone, gypsum, lime and cement
  • Iron and steel 
  • Animal, vegetable fats and oils
  • Edible vegetables and some roots and tubers

What Does Türkiye Buy Most from India? 

The products that Türkiye imports the most from India are listed below: 

  • Organic chemicals 
  • Machines, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Vehicles other than railways, trams 
  • Mineral fuels, oils, distillates 
  • Electronic devices
  • Artificial filaments
  • Extracts, tannins and derivatives, pigments used in debagette and dyeing

Which Countries Does India Import the Most From? 

According to the United Nations COMTRADE database, India's top commodity buyers in 2021 were 

  1. China - 87.45 Billion Dollars
  2. United Arab Emirates - 43.07 Billion Dollars 
  3. United States - 41.39 Billion Dollars
  4. Switzerland- 29.49 Billion Dollars
  5. Saudi Arabia- 27.69 Billion Dollars 

What are India's Top Export Countries? 

According to the United Nations COMTRADE 2021 data, the countries to which India ships the most commodities are as follows: 

  1. The USA- 71.51 Billion Dollars
  2. United Arab Emirates - 25.45 Billion Dollars 
  3. China- 23.04 Billion Dollars 
  4. Bangladesh - 14.09 Billion Dollars
  5. Hong Kong - 11.29 Billion Dollars 

How Much Does Türkiye Import from India? 

Türkiye's imports from India in 2021 were worth 7.94 billion according to the COMTRADE database.

How Much Does Türkiye Export to India? 

In 2021, according to COMTRADE data, Türkiye’s exports to India were worth 1.97 billion dollars. 

Which Transportation Methods are used for Import and Export between Türkiye and India?

Seaway LCL shipping stands out as a fast and economical method for all businesses, large and small, who want to export to India. LCL is a reliable method often preferred for international trade routes due to its flexible transportation solutions, time savings and low cost.

What are the Transit Times for Imports from India to Türkiye? 

In India, where Nhava Sheva port is used in the import process, the most commonly shipped product groups are automotive and agricultural machinery. The transit time on this route is 25 days. 

What are the Transit Times for Exports from Türkiye to India? 

Nhava Sheva port is used for exports from Türkiye to India. Transit time is 28 days. The most common products shipped to Nhava Sheva port are machinery, raw materials and textiles. 

Seaway LCL Shipping Between Türkiye and India

Seaway LCL shipping - LCL for short - in which products that do not stuff an entire container are shipped in the same containers with the products of other companies, is a flexible, safe and economical method that is frequently preferred for the shipment of products to ports in many parts of the world. With freight charges split between the businesses sharing the container on a parcel basis, this method of transportation has become very attractive for small businesses. 

If you want to export on the Türkiye-India route and deliver your products safely over long distances, you can choose seaway LCL shipping. 

What are the Mandatory Documents for Export Between Türkiye and India?

It is very important for businesses intending to export on the Türkiye-India route to act according to the country's standards and regulations. While the documents required in the process vary from country to country and by commodity type, we have listed below the mandatory documents that you must have for all products as standard:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Detailed list of products shipped (quantity, value and other necessary information)
  • Bill of lading
  • Customs Declaration 
  • Required product-related certificates 

How to E-Export from Türkiye to India? 

With the onset of the digital age, distances between countries have lost their meaning and both sellers and buyers have been able to cross national borders. In this sense, e-export has become a popular trend. Thanks to e-export, businesses can reach potential buyers from many parts of the world without creating a physical presence in the target market and without increasing costs. 

If you are aiming to export from Türkiye to India, Shipeedy Logistics can help you realize your dream by offering economical and fast solutions for the smooth transportation of your products abroad. 

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What is Incoterms? What to Know When Exporting to and Importing from India 

Incoterms are standards created by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to regulate the delivery methods and how commercial transactions between countries will take place. Businesses intending to export from Türkiye to India should know their rights and obligations during the delivery process and ship their products according to Incoterms standards. In this way, businesses can avoid potential problems for both the seller and the buyer. 

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