Guide for Exports from Türkiye to Morocco

Morocco, the world's 60th largest economy, is one of the countries on the radars of businesses of different scales which intend to engage in foreign trade with its ports with intense commercial traffic. The country, which is a commercial bridge between Europe and Africa, also attracts great interest from Turkish investors. 

In this article, we have shared with you the important details that those who want to increase their foreign trade volume by shipping products from Türkiye to Morocco should know...

Geographical Location of Morocco 

Morocco, a North African country with a population approaching 40 million, has a long coastline that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Strait of Gibraltar and ends in the Mediterranean Sea. The country borders Algeria to the east, Spain to the north and Mauritania to the south.

What Does Morocco Export the Most?

The most exported product categories from Morocco are the following:

  • Electric & electronic products
  • Vehicles
  • Fertilizers
  • Textile
  • Fruits

What to Export to Morocco? What Does Morocco Import the Most?

The most exported product categories from other countries to Morocco can be listed as follows:

  • Mineral fuels, petroleum
  • Machine,
  • Electric & electronic products,
  • Vehicles
  • Grain

What Does Morocco Buy Most from Türkiye?

The most exported products from Türkiye to Morocco can be listed as follows:

  • Automotive products,
  • Iron and steel,
  • Machines and mechanical parts,
  • Plastics and plastic products,
  • Air and space vehicles

Which Countries Does Morocco Import the Most From?

According to 2021 data, Morocco's top importing countries are:

  • Spain - 9 billion dollars
  • China - 6.8 billion dollars
  • France - 6.1 billion dollars
  • The USA - 3.7 billion dollars
  • Türkiye - 3.3 billion dollars 

What are Morocco's Top Export Countries?

Again, according to 2021 data, Morocco's top exporting countries are as follows:

  • Spain- 7.8 billion dollars
  • France - 7.5 billion dollars
  • Brazil - 2 billion dollars
  • India - 1.8 billion dollars
  • Italy - 1.5 billion dollars 

How Much Does Türkiye Export to Morocco?

According to 2021 data, exports from Türkiye to Morocco amounted to 3.3 billion dollars. In the same year, imports from Morocco to Türkiye amounted to 800 million dollars. 

Which transportation methods are used for exports from Türkiye to Morocco?

Businesses considering expanding their foreign trade volume by exporting from Türkiye to Morocco may prefer the seaway LCL shipping method. As a safe, flexible and cost-effective alternative, seaway LCL shipping is frequently preferred by small, large and medium-sized enterprises likewise. You can get more details about LCL shipping in the following sections of the article.

What are the Transit Times for Exports from Türkiye to Morocco?

Casablanca port is used for exports from Türkiye to Morocco. The transit time is 7-8 days and the most commonly shipped products are textiles, machinery, spare parts and chemicals.

Seaway LCL Transportation between Türkiye and Morocco 

Seaway LCL freight transportation is among the primary choices of many businesses in the export processes between Türkiye and Morocco, as it is for many other routes. 

Less-Than-Container-Load (LCL) shipping is preferred when the loads to be transported to another location do not take up the entire space of a standard container and, thus, loads from other companies are combined. This process is also known as consolidation. In this method, where freight charges are shared with the shippers of other products sharing the container, businesses gain cost advantages. In addition, LCL shipping is preferred because it offers flexibility in terms of time.

What are the Mandatory Documents for Exports from Türkiye to Morocco?

Businesses considering exporting to Morocco need to comply with the commercial laws and regulations of a country in order to avoid any problems in the process. Although the details of the mandatory documents for exports may vary according to the product and sector, the documents that must be available for all products are as follows:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Detailed list of shipped products
  • Bill of lading
  • Customs declaration
  • Required product-related certificates

How to E-Export to Morocco from Türkiye?

E-export can be defined as the sale of products through global online shopping platforms by companies intending to expand into foreign markets. Businesses intending to e-export from Türkiye to Morocco need to determine the online marketplaces where they will sell their goods after obtaining the necessary documents. This is followed by the transportation of the products to be sold to the warehouses of these platforms in Morocco.

For more information on this subject, you can review our content on e-export. 

What is Incoterms? What to Know When Exporting to Morocco

Created by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Incoterms are commercial standards that specify the modes of delivery in international trade and the main responsibilities of the shipping and receiving parties. If you are intending to ship products from Türkiye to Morocco, it is very important to know what your rights and responsibilities are in these processes in order to avoid unexpected scenarios and losses.

For detailed information on the subject, you can take a look at our content on Incoterms. 

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