Guide for Exports and Imports Between Türkiye and Taiwan

Taiwan, which has high levels of imports and exports, is a country which mostly imports raw materials and intermediate goods due to its limited natural resources. If you want to export to Taiwan, you may have many questions such as what to consider, which transportation methods can be used and how long the transit times are. In this guide we have prepared for you, we have answered your questions about exporting to Taiwan. Enjoy your reading!

Geographical Location of Taiwan

Taiwan is an East Asian island country in the Pacific Ocean, located in the south-east of the People's Republic of China. Taiwan Island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Taiwan Strait to the west, the Bashi Channel to the south and the East China Sea to the north. According to 2022 data, Taiwan's population is approximately 24 million. 

What Does Taiwan Export the Most? 

Some of the products Taiwan exports to various parts of the world are as follows:

  • Electronic devices
  • Machines, mechanical devices and tools
  • Plastic products 
  • Optical, photographic, measuring, medical instruments and devices
  • Motor vehicles 
  • Iron and steel 
  • Organic chemicals 
  • Mineral fuels, oils 

What Does Taiwan Import the Most?

Taiwan's most imported products are as follows: 

  • Electronic devices 
  • Machines, mechanical devices and tools 
  • Mineral fuels, oils 
  • Optical, photographic, measuring, medical instruments and devices 
  • Iron and steel
  • Motor vehicles
  • Organic chemicals 
  • Plastic products

What Does Taiwan Buy Most from Türkiye? 

The prominent products in Türkiye's exports to Taiwan are as follows: 

  • Iron and steel 
  • Motor vehicles 
  • Cement, earth, stone, salt, sulfur, gypsum, lime 
  • Synthetic and artificial filaments 
  • Wood and wood products, charcoal 
  • Machines, mechanical devices and tools
  • Milling products, malt, starch 
  • Pharmaceutical products

What Does Türkiye Buy Most from Taiwan? 

The main product groups in Türkiye's imports from Taiwan are as follows: 

  • Machines, mechanical devices and tools 
  • Electronic devices
  • Plastic products
  • Iron and steel 
  • Organic chemicals 
  • Rubber and rubber products 
  • Iron or steel products 
  • Motor vehicles 

Which Countries Does Taiwan Import The Most From? 

Taiwan's top importing countries in 2021 are as follows: 

  1. China- 83 Billion Dollars
  2. Japan- 56 Billion Dollars 
  3. The USA - 40 Billion Dollars
  4. South Korea - 31 Billion Dollars 
  5. Australia - 15 Billion Dollars

What are Taiwan's Top Export Countries? 

Taiwan's top export countries in 2021 are listed as follows: 

  1. China- 126 Billion Dollars
  2. The USA - 66 Billion Dollars 
  3. Hong Kong - 63 Billion Dollars
  4. Japan- 29 Billion Dollars
  5. Singapore- 26 Billion Dollars 

How Much Does Türkiye Import from Taiwan? 

Türkiye's imports from Taiwan increased by 27.3% in 2021 compared to 2020 and amounted to 1.8 Billion Dollars. 

How Much Does Türkiye Export to Taiwan? 

Türkiye’s exports to Taiwan increased by 7.5% in 2021 and amounted to 253.6 Million Dollars. 

Which Transportation Methods are used for Import and Export between Türkiye and Taiwan?

If you want to export to Taiwan, an island country, seaway LCL shipping is a good choice. This method, which is frequently preferred by both large and small businesses to transport their products without any problems, also saves time. 

What are Transit Times for Imports from Taiwan to Türkiye? 

The ports used for imports from Taiwan to Türkiye and transit times can be found in the table below: 

Port Transit Time Most Shipped Products
Keelung 35 Machinery, Spare Parts, Technological Products
Kaohsiung 35 Machinery, Spare Parts, Technological Products

What are the Transit Times for Exports from Türkiye to Taiwan? 

Keelung port is used for exports to Taiwan. Transit time is 32 days. The most frequently shipped product group on this route is machinery and food products. 

Seaway LCL Shipping Between Türkiye and Taiwan

LCL means the shipment of a quantity of products that will not stuff a container in the same container with the products of other businesses. This way, products are delivered to buyers both more cost-effectively and - since the container is not expected to be fully stuffed - more quickly. 

With this transportation method, which is preferable especially for exports between Türkiye and Taiwan, you can take your business one step further. 

What are the Mandatory Documents for Export between Türkiye and Taiwan?

Having detailed information about the commercial regulations of the receiving country is very important for seamless operation of the process. In addition to differences in practices from country to country, there may also be changes in documentation specific to the exported product. However, main documents required are listed as follows:  

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Detailed list of products shipped (quantity, value and other necessary information)
  • Bill of lading
  • Customs Declaration 
  • Required product-related certificates 

How to E-Export to Taiwan from Türkiye? 

E-export, also known as "cross-border e-commerce", is a concept which headlines the process of shipping a product to a market abroad and is very popular today. Growing rapidly thanks to advances in logistics, e-export offers serious advantages to those who want to grow their businesses. 

To step into e-export, it is important to first conduct market research and create a potential customer profile. Then, the transportation process of the products to be exported to the identified market points should be planned. 

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What is Incoterms? What to Know When Exporting to and Importing From Taiwan 

Incoterms were created by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to facilitate international trade and prevent potential problems. This set of rules, which defines the roles of both the buyer and the seller in the delivery of goods, has gained worldwide acceptance.  

By defining costs, liabilities and risks according to certain standards, the transportation process is much faster, more transparent and seamless for all parties involved. 

For more detailed information, you can check our Incoterms article!

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