Guide for Exports and Imports Between Türkiye and Chile

As one of Latin America's top economies, Chile stands out for its standard of living, transparency, competitiveness, freedom of trade, political stability and per capita income. Those who want to trade with this country are usually looking for answers to questions such as "By which methods can products be shipped to Chile?", "What should businesses which intend to import and export with Chile pay attention to?". In our Türkiye - Chile logistics guide, we have touched upon all you need to know about the subject.

Geographical Location of Chile

Chile is an independent state located on the southwestern coast of the American continent, bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, Argentina to the east, Bolivia to the northeast and Peru to the north. 

Between the ocean to the west and the Andes to the east, Chile stretches 4200 km along the Pacific coast and has a width of about 180 km.

Its climate differs greatly between regions. In the north of Chile the climate is very dry, the Atacama desert receives almost no rain. The average annual temperature decreases from north to south. While the average temperature is 18°C at the northern border, it drops to 6°C at the southern border.

What Does Chile Export the Most?

Here are some of the products shipped from Chile to the rest of the world: 

  • Mine slag and ash
  • Copper
  • Edible fruits, nuts, citrus peel, melons
  • Fish, crustaceans, mollusks, aquatic invertebrates
  • Wood pulp, fibrous cellulosic material, waste
  • Wood and wood products, charcoal
  • Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compounds, isotope
  • Beverages, spirits and vinegar
  • Meat and edible offal
  • Pearls, precious stones, metals, coins

What to Export to Chile? What Does Chile Import the Most?

We can list the products that Chile buys the most from other countries as follows:

  • Mineral fuels, oils and distillates
  • Machines, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Vehicles other than railways and trams
  • Plastic
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Meat and edible offal
  • Iron and steel
  • Products made of iron and steel
  • Optical, photography, technical and medical equipment

What does Chile Buy Most from Türkiye?

One of the issues that businesses in Türkiye are curious about is what they can export from Türkiye to Chile. The products that Chile buys from Türkiye are as follows:

  • Iron and steel
  • Vehicles other than railways and trams
  • Machines, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Plastic
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Products made of iron and steel
  • Carpets and other textile floor coverings
  • Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compounds, isotope
  • Wood and wood products, charcoal
  • Tanning, dyeing extracts, tannins, derivatives, pigments

What Does Türkiye Buy Most from Chile?

The products which Türkiye imports most from Chile are listed as follows:

  • Copper 
  • Mine slag and ash 
  • Edible fruits, nuts, citrus peel, melons 
  • Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compound, isotope 
  • Animal and vegetable fats, oils and fats, and decollete products 
  • Oilseed, oily fruits, grain, seed, fruits 
  • Paper and paperboard, pulp, paper and cardboard 
  • Grains 
  • Meat, fish and seafood preparations 
  • Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers

Which Countries Does Chile Import the Most From?

According to United Nations COMTRADE 2021 data, Chile imports most from the following countries:

  1. China - 27.52 Billion dollars
  2. United States of America - 16.03 Billion dollars
  3. Brazil - 7.74 Billion dollars
  4. Argentina - 4.91 Billion dollars
  5. Germany - 2.95 Billion dollars

What are Chile's Top Export Countries?

According to the United Nations COMTRADE 2021 data, Chile's top exporting countries are as follows:

  1. China - 36.52 Billion dollars
  2. The USA - 14.93 Billion dollars
  3. Japan - 7.24 Billion dollars
  4. South Korea - 4.83 Billion dollars
  5. Brazil - 4.58 Billion dollars

How Much Does Türkiye Export to Chile?

According to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, Chile's imports from Türkiye in 2021 were worth USD 650.21 million.

How Much Does Türkiye Import from Chile?

According to the United Nations COMTRADE database, Türkiye's imports from Chile amounted to USD 350.92 million in 2021.

Which Transportation Methods are Used for Exports Between Türkiye and Chile?

Seaway LCL shipping is a fast and economical method preferred by both small and large companies. Businesses intending to export to Chile, which has a length of 4200 km along the Pacific Ocean coast, can use seaway LCL shipping. 

What are the Transit Times for Exports from Türkiye to Chile?

San Antonio port is used for exports from Türkiye to Chile. Transit time is 46 days and the most commonly shipped products are food, machinery and spare parts. 

Seaway LCL Shipping Between Türkiye and Chile 

LCL is available when the goods of a single company do not completely stuff the entire container. In such a case, the space in the container is shared between two or more shippers to stuff an entire container. In this case, LCL stands out as a very economical transportation method, as the freight charges are divided between the shippers. 

If you are a business owner aiming to export from Türkiye to Chile, you can benefit from seaway LCL shipping.

What are the Mandatory Documents for Export from Türkiye to Chile?

The commercial laws and regulations of the countries are necessary for the seamless realization of import and export processes, and business owners intending to trade between Türkiye and Chile must be familiar with these laws and prepare necessary documents for their import-export operations. Required documents may vary depending on the country and the traded products. Following documents are required for each export transaction:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Detailed list of shipped products
  • Bill of lading
  • Customs declaration
  • Required product-related certificates

How to E-Export to Chile from Türkiye?

E-export is a type of export that refers to the online sale of products or services abroad. In other words, selling products abroad through electronic platforms is called e-export. 

The first step for those who want to e-export should be to decide on the target market. After selecting the marketplaces, the products to be exported must be sent to the physical warehouses of these marketplaces. 

If you want to export to Chile online, to get information about how to move your products to the warehouses of online marketplaces in Chile, check out our article titled How to E-export?

What is Incoterms? What to Know When Exporting to and Importing Between Türkiye and Chile

Incoterms (International trade terms) are the main terms of trade for the sale of goods that are accepted all over the world. These terms are used to clearly define the cost, risk and liability obligation for the transportation of goods between a buyer and a seller.

Incoterms are useful because you don't need to spend time negotiating and agreeing on every detail of risks and responsibilities during a shipment's journey.

For more comprehensive information on the subject, check out our Incoterms content!

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