Guide for Exports from Türkiye to the USA

The USA is one of the countries primarily preferred by companies in Türkiye which intend to increase their business volumes through foreign trading operations. So how do you export to the USA? Which transportation methods are used and what should businesses intending to ship their products to this country take into consideration? This content will provide you with answers to these questions and more. 

Here is what you should know, if you intend to ship products from Türkiye to the USA, under a couple main titles:

Geographical Location of the USA 

The USA is geographically located on the North American continent, on the shores of the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean, between Canada and Mexico. This makes the USA a highly suitable destination, especially for seaway exports.

What Does the USA Export the Most?

In 2021, USA exports increased by 23% to 1.7 trillion dollars. The main products exported by the country in 2021 were as follows: 

  • Crude oil, 
  • Petroleum and petroleum oils, 
  • Oil gases, 
  • Automobiles, 
  • Electronic integrated circuits, 
  • Serum and vaccines, 
  • Components and parts for road vehicles, 
  • Telephone devices, 
  • Medical devices, 
  • Dosed medicines,
  • Gold...

What to Export to the USA? What Does the USA Import the Most?

In 2021, USA imports increased by 22% to 2.9 trillion dollars. The main products imported by the USA in 2021 were as follows: 

  • Automobiles, 
  • Crude oil, 
  • Computers, 
  • Telephone devices, 
  • Dosed medicines, 
  • Components and parts for road vehicles, 
  • Petroleum oils, 
  • Serum and vaccines, 
  • Electronic integrated circuits
  • Other furniture and their parts and components...

What Does the USA Buy Most from Türkiye?

"What can be exported from Türkiye to the USA?" is a question that entrepreneurs in Türkiye often think of... According to 2021 data, the sectors in Türkiye which made most exports to the USA in 2021 were as follows:

  • Machinery and mechanical parts, 
  • Carpets and floor coverings, 
  • Iron and steel products, 
  • Articles made of stone and cement-like materials, 
  • Weapons & ammunition, 
  • Precious stones and metals...

If you wish, you can ship these products and more with Shipeedy Logistics seaway LCL transportation service.

Which Countries Does the USA Import the Most From?

In 2021, the USA imported more than half of its total imports from the following 5 countries:

  1. China - 541 billion dollars
  2. Mexico - 388 billion dollars
  3. Canada - 363 billion dollars
  4. Japan - 139 billion dollars
  5. Germany - 138 billion dollars

What are the USA's Top Export Countries?

The countries to which the USA exported the most goods in 2021 are listed as follows:

  1. Canada - 306 billion dollars
  2. Mexico - 276 billion dollars
  3. China - 151 billion dollars
  4. Japan - 74 billion dollars
  5. South Korea - 65 billion dollars

How Much Does Türkiye Export to the USA?

According to 2021 figures, exports from Türkiye to the USA amounted to 14.72 billion dollars. According to data from the same year, Türkiye's imports from the USA amounted to 13.14 billion dollars. 

According to TURKSTAT (Turkish Statistical Institute) data, 14 billion 55 million dollars worth of exports were made to the USA between January and October 2022. Again, according to TURKSTAT data, imports from the USA reached 13 billion 22 million dollars between January and October in 2022.

Which transportation methods are used for exports from Türkiye to the USA?

Businesses which intend to ship products from Türkiye to the USA can choose the seaway LCL transportation method. LCL seaway transportation, which stands out as both a practical and cost-effective method for businesses of different scales, is widely preferred for exports from Türkiye to the USA, as it is in various parts of the world. For more information about LCL transportation, please see the rest of the article.

What are the Transit Times for Exports from Türkiye to the USA?

Export and import ports, transit times and the most commonly shipped products from Türkiye to the USA can be listed as follows:

Port Transit Time Most Shipped Products
New York 29 Machinery, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals
New York 18 Textile, Food, Furniture, Machinery
Chicago 22 Textile, Food, Furniture, Machinery
Miami 27 Textile, Food, Furniture, Machinery
Los Angeles 32 Textile, Food, Furniture, Machinery
Atlanta 23 Textile, Food, Furniture, Machinery

Seaway LCL Transportation between Türkiye and the USA 

With many advantages, seaway transportation has always been the most preferred method from past to present. Seaway transportation is also mostly preferred in export operations between Türkiye and the USA.

Less-Than-Container-Load (LCL) shipping is preferred when the loads do not take up the entire space of a standard container and, thus, loads from other companies are combined in the same container(s). Also known as consolidation, this procedure offers cost advantage since the freight cost is shared between shippers, and also allows you to ship your products at any time of your choice, resulting in advantage in terms of time and flexibility.

What are the Mandatory Documents for Exports from Türkiye to the USA?

To make sure that your products to be exported to the USA are seamlessly cleared at the customs, you need to comply with the applicable laws and commercial regulations, and of course, prepare important documents in advance.

Here are the main documents you will need for the export procedures between Türkiye and the USA:

  • Bill of Lading,
  • Commercial Invoice,
  • Packing List,
  • Customs import declaration,
  • Manifest (for airplane, motor vehicle or vessel)

How to E-Export from Türkiye to the USA

E-export, also known as "cross-border e-commerce", can simply be defined as the process where companies offer their products for sale abroad through online marketplaces and e-export websites. A company, which prefers the USA as target market for e-export and thus utilizes online platforms such as Amazon, Etsy or eBay, must of course, physically transport its products to the warehouses of these online platforms in the USA.

You can take a look at our e-export article for detailed information on the subject, and learn how Shipeedy Logistics facilitates the process of shipping your products to the warehouses of e-commerce giants abroad.

What is Incoterms? What to Know When Exporting to the USA

If you intend to ship products from Türkiye to the USA, you need to be aware of your responsibilities for these products. Defined as the standards created by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) regulating the delivery methods for all types of commercial procedures between countries, Incoterms is very important for parties to know what their responsibilities are during the course of the respective shipments both in the import and export procedure.

Take a look at our article about Incoterms to learn more. 

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