Guide for Exports and Imports Between Türkiye and Egypt

Egypt has always managed to be one of Türkiye's important trading partners in North Africa. So how to export to Egypt? What are the most imported and exported products between these two countries? What shipping methods can your company use to export to Egypt? In our Türkiye – Egypt logistics guide, where you can find answers to these and similar questions, we have briefly touched on all the curiosities.

If you are exporting to Türkiye and Egypt or want to do so, it is useful to pay attention to the following topics:

Geographical Location of Egypt

Located in North Africa, Egypt is surrounded by the Mediterranean, Libya, the Gaza Strip, the Red Sea, Sudan and Israel. Egypt's Sudanese border, which has a total sea strip of 2450 km, is 1276 km and the Libyan border is 1115 km. Most of its territory is made up of deserts. The land that can be cultivated is 2.8% of the country's total area.

What Does Egypt Export the Most?

Egypt exports many products to all over the world. Some of these are listed as follows:

  • Mineral fuels, oils, distillates 
  • Plastic
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Iron and steel
  • Edible fruits, nuts, citrus peel, melons
  • Fertilizers
  • Clothing not knitted or crocheted
  • Pearls, precious stones and metals, coins
  • Edible vegetables and some roots and tubers

What is exported to Egypt? What Does Egypt Import the Most?

Below you can examine the products imported by Egypt in order:

  • Mineral fuels, oils, distillates
  • Machines, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Vehicles other than railways, trams
  • Grain
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Plastic
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Iron and steel
  • Oilseed, oily fruits, grain, seed, fruits

What Does Egypt Buy Most from Türkiye?

One of the issues that businesses, which intend to open abroad from Türkiye are curious about, is which products can be exported to Egypt. Here are the most exported products from Türkiye to Egypt respectively:

  • Vehicles other than railways, trams
  • Machines, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Iron and steel
  • Pearls, precious stones and metals, coins
  • Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products
  • Plastic
  • Articles made of iron or steel
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Aluminum

What Does Türkiye Buy Most from Egypt?

The most popular products that Türkiye imports from Egypt are:

  • Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products
  • Plastic
  • Electrical, electronic equipment 
  • Fertilizers
  • Inorganic chemicals, precious metal compound, isotope 
  • Artificial filaments 
  • Organic chemicals 
  • Cotton 

What are Egypt's Top Export Countries?

The United Nations COMTRADE database 2021 data shows that the following countries are the most exported countries in Egypt:

  1. Türkiye – 2.65 Billion dollars
  2. Italy – 2.58 Billion dollars
  3. India – 2.33 Billion dollars
  4. United States – 2.16 Billion dollars
  5. Saudi Arabia – 2 Billion dollars

Which Countries Does Egypt Import the Most From?

Egypt's top importing countries are listed as follows according to the United Nations COMTRADE database 2021 data:

  1. China – 10.01 Billion dollars
  2. Saudi Arabia – 6.25 Billion dollars
  3. United States – 5.11 Billion dollars
  4. Germany – 3.30 Billion dollars
  5. Türkiye – 3.13 Billion dollars

How Much Does Türkiye Export to Egypt?

According to the United Nations COMTRADE's international trade database, Türkiye's exports to Egypt amounted to USD 4.51 Billion in 2021. 

How Much Does Türkiye Import From Egypt?

According to the United Nations COMTRADE database, Türkiye's imports from Egypt amounted to USD 2.65 Billion in 2021.

Which Transportation Methods are used for Import and Export from Türkiye to Egypt?

Seaway LCL shipping is a convenient mode of transport for both small and large enterprises. Businesses which intend to carry their business to the international dimension by exporting from Türkiye to Egypt in a safe, easy and affordable way may prefer seaway LCL shipping. 

What are the Transit Times for Exports from Türkiye to Egypt?

The port of Alexandria is used for export from Türkiye to Egypt. Transit time is 8 days. The most frequently shipped product groups to the port of Alexandria are machinery, spare parts and chemical products. 

Seaway LCL Shipping Between Türkiye and Egypt 

LCL, short for Less Container Load, stands for partial container load. This concept implies that goods belonging to more than one enterprise are loaded into a container. Seaway LCL shipping stands out as a frequently preferred procedure thanks to its financial advantage and the time flexibility it provides. Because in this method, freight charges are divided among the enterprises whose products are shipped together.

You can evaluate the preferred seaway LCL shipping for many trade routes for your exports from Türkiye to Egypt.

What are the Mandatory Documents for Export between Türkiye and Egypt?

In order to avoid unexpected problems while exporting, it is of great importance to have comprehensive information about the commercial laws and regulations of the country to be exported and to act in accordance with them throughout the process. Although the documents to be prepared and the rules to be followed may vary according to countries, the mandatory documents for export are as follows:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Detailed list of shipped products
  • Bill of lading
  • Customs declaration
  • Required product-related certificates

How to E-Export from Türkiye to Egypt?

Export is the practice of shipping or transporting goods or services to a foreign country for sale. In contrast, e-export is the practice of taking orders online from customers in foreign countries and selling goods and services. The spread of the internet and the acceptance of the online shopping culture by everyone have been a serious driving force in this regard.

Embarking on e-export in Egypt requires a good marketplace research in the first place. Once you have decided on the marketplace that is suitable for your business, you should transfer the goods you will sell to the warehouses of this marketplace in Egypt. 

Read our e-export content and take a look at what you need to know in the online export process. Benefit from the services of Shipeedy Logistics for the transportation of your products to online marketplace warehouses in Egypt! 

What is Incoterms? What to Know When Exporting to Egypt

Incoterms, which are widely used trade terms, are a set of 11 internationally accepted rules which define the rights and responsibilities of sellers and buyers. Incoterms specify standards in matters such as who is responsible for the payment and management of shipping, insurance, documentation, customs clearance and other logistics activities.

If you are a business owner looking to export to Egypt, having a thorough knowledge of Incoterms will help you avoid many possible setbacks.  

If you wish, you can read our detailed content on Incoterms and move safely in your export processes to Egypt. 

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