What You Wonder About Import Fee Deposit

What You Wonder About Import Fee Deposit

Import fee deposit is a term that users who will shop through the Amazon Global Store - that is, from abroad - will encounter. In this article, we will briefly talk about this fee, which can be confusing for some, in which cases it applies and how it is calculated.

What is Import Fee Deposit?

VAT is not charged on products purchased from abroad to be shipped to Turkey. Instead, only import and customs duties are added to the price to be paid. The so-called import fee deposit is an additional fee determined by calculating the customs duty and import tax amounts for products purchased through the Amazon Global Store.

The Amazon Global Store will show you an estimate of the customs duties, taxes and other fees at the time you complete your purchase and will charge you this amount in addition to your purchase price. At the end of this process, you authorize Amazon to appoint a shipping carrier to represent you, and that carrier will handle the necessary customs clearance and payment of duties, taxes, and fees on your behalf with customs and tax authorities in the destination country of your products.

Which Products Does Amazon Charge an Import Fee Deposit?

A deposit is automatically applied to products shipped via Amazon global standard delivery, as well as products sold from abroad, i.e. through the Amazon Global Store.

How Does Amazon Calculate the Upfront Deposit Amount for Import Fees?

The amount to be paid is done automatically after selecting the delivery address of the order. For the calculation of this amount, Amazon uses its own proprietary software that determines the duties applicable to different products, so it is not possible to give a clear formula based on price alone.

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What if the actual import fees are more or less than the deposit?

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that the amount Amazon determines in this service for your convenience is actually estimated. This means that there is a possibility that the actual import fees may be more or less than the deposit you paid during your shopping.

If the actual import fees are lower, Amazon will refund you the difference. If the actual import fees exceed the deposit you paid, you will not be charged extra.

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