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How to Sign Up

As a member of, you can get an online price quote.

Load Inquiry

You can easily send your seaway LCL shipping to thousands of different routes.

Demand Creation

By creating a request on, you can quickly send your LCL loads to any destination.

Demand Creation (Priceless)

Is your load that you want to send unstackable or dangerous goods? Our Shipeedy operations team will prepare a special partial load offer for you.

Bidding Process

You can see the offers submitted to you by the Shipeedy operations team.

Reservation Process

You can easily confirm your reservations on and make your payment online if you wish.

Load Tracking

Instantly track where your cargo is on the world at that moment.

Other Service Requests

Apart from seaway LCL transportation, you can also get offers on Sea Freight, Highway Transports, Airway Transports and Warehouse Services.

Information Update

After you become a member, you can update your personal or commercial information.

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