Load Tracking
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Load Tracking
Transportation, which has mediated the buying and selling of various products for centuries, continues to maintain its function today. While the possibilities in this field were much more limited in the past, today it has become possible to obtain detailed information about the departure of the products, their status on the road and their arrival at the destination. Logistics, which is among the sine qua non of trade, ensures the safe transportation of products from one point to another.
The cargo tracking system, which is among the important elements of transportation, allows a person or company to remotely track cargo. Thanks to this system, which is put into service with the development and advancement of technology, the loads whose logistics are provided can be tracked in a simple way. As a result of the tracking, it can be accessed whether the loads are at the specified point at the specified time. In this way, the load status can be learned and it can be understood whether the transportation process is progressing in a healthy way. It is aimed to carefully transport the loads being transported to the target region. However, the company sending or waiting for the cargo may be concerned about any damage to the products. Whether transportation is carried out by land, air or sea, tracking the cargo in all of them, whether by land, air or sea, is a relief for the consignor and consignee. Thanks to the cargo number, this tracking is effortless and fast. By entering the cargo number, the person can immediately access the information they want.
Container Tracking
Containers, which continue to exist today and are among the most important tools in the field of transportation, continue to be used in both road, rail and maritime logistics. These containers, which ensure that the cargoes are delivered to the desired point in an extremely safe way, need an identity and marking. Because each product transported is valuable and it should be well known from whom it comes and to whom it goes. For this reason, the cargo ship tracking system has emerged.
It is very important to deliver the cargo safely to the target area and for this reason, the use of container tracking system is frequently used. Within the scope of the standardization developed on behalf of nu crates in the field of commercial logistics, the container number is present in its external structure. In addition, the type code, country code and size are other important information that must be included on the container. The coding, marking and numbering system of these crates is determined according to ISO 6346.
The container number can be queried by transportation companies, the BIC official website and alternative platforms. The container number consists of 11 digits. By entering the first 10 digits and the last digit of this number, it is possible to use query tools that provide information about the authenticity of the number. Thus, it is possible to access accurate information about whether the container and the products in it are moving safely.
Partial Tracking
As with other cargoes, the tracking of partially shipped products can be easily ensured in today's conditions. In partial transportation, products that are too small to fill a container are transported together. In other words, the products of more than one individual or company are delivered to the specified destination in a single container. In this way, it is not necessary to rent a container completely or to fill this container completely.
The partial tracking system also includes the logic of other tracking systems. Popular technologies such as GSM and GPS are used for tracking. GPS technology is preferred to check the current status of the container. GSM is also used to track the movement of the containers. Containers are also equipped with sensors designed to measure humidity and temperature. Thus, the products can be delivered to the destination without any damage.
All cargo tracking can be done via devices such as phones, computers and tablets. Both the sender and the receiver can provide this tracking within a few minutes. Thus, they can find out what condition the products are in.